Justice League Snyder Cut Makes Surprising Change to Amber Heard's [SPOILERS]

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Warning: if you haven't seen Zack Snyder's Justice League, this article contains MAJOR SPOILERS so read at your own risk!

The day has finally come, DC Extended Universe fans! Zack Snyder's Justice League has arrived, premiering all over the globe to much fanfare and the hype couldn't be any stronger. Now, before you think that the film is all hype, the Snyder Cut has been well-received by fans and critics and they are very pleased with how the project turned out which is miles superior to the theatrical cut that came out in 2017.

It's been rumored for months that Amber Heard will be playing a more prominent role in the film in one of its pivotal moments and we can officially confirm that it is in fact true. Mera, who was part of the Snyder Cut's additional photography appears in Batman's Knightmare vision where she joins some of the members of the league officially taking over from Aquaman who has apparently been killed by Darkseid.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Mera looks more formidable in the film than she was in Joss Whedon's cut but the biggest shocker of all is Snyder making one interesting change to the character. In the Snyder Cut, Mera actually has a British accent, something that she never had in both the theatrical cut and in 2018's Aquaman. Even the character's animated counterparts were voiced with an American accent so it's intriguing why Snyder chose to change it.

Mera speaking with a thicker accent definitely felt weird at first but I think it actually works and it only made the character closer to her royal roots, if that makes any sense. Now, it'll be interesting to see if Aquaman 2 also follows suit with the sudden and yet-to-be-explained accent change for Mera considering she sounded different in the first one. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Zack Snyder's Justice League is now available for streaming on HBO Max.

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