Justice League: Henry Cavill Teases Green Lantern

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After the release of Wonder Woman in June, DC's greatest heroes will come together in November's Justice League. Henry Cavill is also set to come back as Superman, and for some reason, he's been posting up pictures on Instagram teasing Green Lantern.

Cavill has made a series on Instagram called "Kal looking for Hal" and he's also included the hashtags #GreenLantern and #Kal. Some news has just come out that a Green Lantern Corps. member will be making an appearance in Justice League, but the character won't be Hal Jordan — it's Abin Sur.


GL fans know Abin Sur as the Lantern who crash-landed on Earth and bestowed his power ring to Hal Jordan. It's possible that he could be appearing in the movie to warn the League about the arrival of Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds).

Knowing how secretive the production of these movies can get, it's highly plausible that Cavill is simply just teasing, and he doesn't really have any "big reveal" in mind. Plus, there hasn't been any big news on the Green Lantern Corps. Movie ever since it was announced more than a year ago.

Henry Cavill will return as Superman in Zack Snyder's Justice League which hits theaters Nov. 17.

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