Justice League Cast Ready For A Crossover Showdown With Marvel’s Avengers

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Justice League might not have been the blockbuster success that Warner Brothers might have been hoping, but it seems like the superhero team-up movie left the cast with a lot of love for their characters.

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Henry Cavill (Superman) and Ray Fisher (Cyborg) love their superhero roles so much, they're ready to suit up for a crossover brawl with the Avengers.


The four DC Extended Universe stars attended ACE Comic-Con last weekend and during their Justice League panel, the group was asked what they thought of a Justice League and Avengers smackdown. Everyone seemed pretty excited about the idea.

"Aw, yeah man," Momoa said. "Hell yeah. I absolutely want to get thrown around by the Hulk. And then I want to take his ass out the ocean and drown him. ‘Not so tough now, are ya, punk?!' And then we'll be friends. We're all very many friends with those other actors from [Chris] Hemsworth to Robert Downey, I mean all of them, and so its just fun. I mean we're superheroes. We're having an awesome time playing great characters."

Fisher went on to discuss who'd possibly win if the Justice League were to fight the Avengers in a crossover movie.

"Smackdown? Yeah," Fisher answered. "I mean if there was a fight between the two groups, I'm fairly certain Superman and Wonder Woman would probably take maybe 90 percent of them out. [Cyborg and Aquaman would be] cheerleading on the side. Cyborg would play the foghorn. I mean, we all talk about it. It's the same argument about who's faster, Superman or the Flash, you know? There's any given circumstance where either team would be able to win. But its fun to just have that kind of fantasy."

Gadot, like the loving Amazon princess that she is, tried to be diplomatic saying that "the more the merrier" and that "we're not enemies." Cavill meanwhile decided to let the fans decided, asking which team would win in crossover smackdown. The Justice League had a lot of cheers, but then again, it was a Justice League panel, so that might not be objective basis for anything.

Justice League is currently screening in cinemas.

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