Justice League: Ben Affleck Might Be Done With Batman Again

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Ben Affleck is at it again. Ever since Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad received poor reviews, the acclaimed actor seems to have had commitment issues with his role of Batman. After months of wondering if he was going to stay or go, Affleck seemingly assured fans that he was going to be the Dark Knight for some time. However, a recent interview has made fans doubt his initial statement.

During an interview with Extra TV, he said "I don't know," when asked about building on his previous appearances as Batman for future films. He added "we'll see what the future holds," which indicates that he's more unsure of staying rather than being done with the role altogether. Affleck's attitude fits with previous reports about the future of the DCEU being dependent on Justice League, so it looks like he won't be putting all of his eggs in one basket.

Affleck's unwillingness to commit to the role has become a bit of a running joke to fans since these reports keep coming in. Fans do want Affleck to stay with the role, due to his surprisingly good performance as Batman, but only time will tell if fan adoration is enough. This also seems to indicate that Matt Reeves' The Batman is also dependent on the success of Justice League.

Justice League will hit theaters next week, on November 17. Here's hoping that it gets good reviews since Affleck is a natural at being Batman.

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