Justice League: 15 Scenes From The Trailers That Didn’t Make The Film

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With extensive reshoots and a studio-mandated two-hour runtime, it’s no surprise that a number of scenes that appeared in the marketing materials for Justice League were left on the cutting-room floor. Here are 15 scenes from the trailers that didn’t make the film:

  1. Heroes In A Strange Land

    This is a pretty epic shot of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg, right? Too bad it wasn’t in the film. Also, it’s not entirely clear where this shot takes place, but judging by the Man of Steel-esque aesthetics, perhaps it’s aboard the wrecked Kryptonian ship that housed the Genesis Chamber.

  2. Parademons Swarming

    Maybe the previous shot wasn’t from the Kryptonian ship but rather this location, which appears to be a base of sorts for Steppenwolf and his army of parademons. All we can really do at this point is speculate, though.

  3. Pre-Cyborg Victor Stone

    The early trailers hinted at much more of Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone/Cyborg, including scenes of him prior to his life-altering accident. Here, we have a shot of him sporting his Gotham City University letterman jacket, which was likely intended to be a flashback sequence.

  4. Pre-Cyborg Victor Stone, Part Deux

    “Superhero fans don’t care about football, do they? Ah, the hell with it – scrap it!” – Someone at Warner Bros., probably.

  5. ‘World Without Hope’

    Justice League made it a point to show just how far mankind had fallen in the wake of Superman’s death. However, among the various scenes from the trailers that reflected this was a shot of a bundle of Daily Planet newspapers, with the cover page bearing the headline, “World without Hope.” Apparently the decline of print newspapers is hitting Metropolis even harder than we thought.

  6. ‘I’ll Take That As A Yes’

    Remember that touching scene from the final trailer where we see Henry Cavill for the first time and he tells Lois that he’ll take her wearing his engagement ring as a yes to his proposal, only for it to be revealed as a dream? Well, the bones of that scene appear in the film, as we do see Clark and Lois talking outside of the former’s Smallville home, but it plays out entirely different from what we saw in the trailer.

  7. ‘Now Let’s Hope You’re Not Too Late’

    Leave it to Warner Bros. to cut the scene that fans were wracking their brains over in the buildup to Justice League. “He said you’d come,” Alfred says to a mysterious figure. “Now let’s hope you’re not too late.” The likeliest scenario is that Alfred was talking to Superman, but having seen the film, it’s also possible he was talking to Lois, AKA “the big guns,” while the rest of the League was dealing with the newly resurrected Man of Steel. In either case, we can finally put the theory that Alfred was talking to Green Lantern to rest.

  8. I’ve Been Through The Tundra On A Horse With No Name

    In the first trailer, we saw Bruce arrive in the village where he attempted to recruit Aquaman on horseback. Although the bulk of that actual scene appears in the film, the horse – sadly – is nowhere to be found.

  9. Skewering Parademons

    When the heroes arrive in Russia, we get to see Aquaman kill a number of parademons, so the fact that this scene doesn’t appear in the film isn’t as egregious as some of the other omissions. Still, it would have been cool to watch Aquaman skewer two of them at once.

  10. ‘You Should Probably Move’

    In one shot, we see Cyborg save a police officer from being crushed by an exploding tank before telling him, “You should probably move.” This presumably takes place in Hero’s Park, so the tank was likely thrown by Superman during his initial scuffle with his soon-to-be teammates.

  11. Iron Cyborg

    It’s hard to say whether or not cutting this shot of Cyborg sporting an Iron Man-like helmet was a good thing. Hmmm… yeah, it was probably a good thing.

  12. The Throne Of Atlantis?

    Apparently a lot of Aquaman’s scenes were cut from Justice League, including this shot of him approaching what appears to be a throne, which is presumably occupied by the current King of Atlantis.

  13. Flash Shattering Glass

    Barry using his super-speed to poke straight through a pane of glass was a pretty cool shot. However, it simply didn’t make the cut.

  14. Flash Vs… Who?

    The smart money’s on this being a non-airborne parademon that Flash is squaring off with. However, it looks far more human than insect, so it’s hard to say for sure.

  15. I’ll Be Missing You

    Here’s another shot that spawned countless fan theories. The biggest of them was that Bruce was looking at a hologram of Supergirl, but he’s clearly reflecting on the loss of Superman, which still weighs heavily upon him.