Jumanji Reboot To Pay Tribute To Robin Williams, According To Dwayne Johnson

Aside from Jumanji's fantastic storyline, another thing that we have come to love about the 1995 film is Robin Williams and his portrayal of the lead character, Allan Parish. Most people were taken by surprise following Dwayne Johnson's announcement two weeks agoof a Jumanji reboot, so now the 44-year-old actor wants to make it clear that the upcoming movie will be a tribute to the late comedian and Jumanji star Robin Williams.

In his latest lengthy post on Instagram, Johnson called the reboot a "new re-imagining of this amazing story" that will be based more on Chris Van Allsburg's original children's story rather than the movie, but that it will distinguish Williams in some way.

Aside, from Williams, the 1995 Jumanji starred Bradley Pierce, Kirsten Dunst, and Bonnie Hunt.

The Rock wrote:

The love and respect I have for this man is boundless. You have my word, we will honor his name and the character of ‘Alan Parrish' will stand alone and be forever immortalized in the world ofJUMANJIin an earnest and cool way. I have an idea of what to do and I think his family will be proud.

The actor also recalled the first meeting he had with the legendary comedian.

Take a look at his post:

Johnson is the only cast member who has officially signed on for the forthcoming film, but there have been reports last month that Ride Along 2 star Kevin Hart is in talks to join the cast of the Jumanji reboot.

As noted by Johnson, the casting info of the reboot is expected to be announced this week, with five additional cast members slated to join.

I have to admit I'm a bit skeptical of a reboot and I'm a bit protective of the old film. However, from the looks of it, Johnson is quite passionate about the project. I'm willing to give this a fair chance and hopefully, it will honor both Williams and the old movie to boot.

To be helmed by Bad Teacher director Jake Kasdan, the Jumanji reboot will be produced by Johnson, together with Matt Tolmach. The new Jumanji is slated for release on July 28, 2017.

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