Julia Roberts Was Never In Talks To Play Poison Ivy for Batman & Robin Movie

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Sure Batman and Robin might not be the best superhero movie for the Dark Knight, however it's hard to deny that Uma Thurman played a pretty seductive Poison Ivy in the film. However, while it's pretty hard to imagine anyone else but Thurman as the sexy Batman villain in what Hollywood deems as one of the worst Batman movies of all time, there had been rumors going about that Julie Roberts had actually been considered for the role.

Now, speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Batman and Robin director Joel Schumacher finally puts an end to the talk by confirming that Roberts hadn't been in talks with Warner Bros. for the part.


"Julia and I did two movies together back to back. We're friends. She would have picked up the phone and called me."

Despite all of its flaws, Schumacher seems to remember Batman and Robin fondly, going on about the kookiness of the movie.

"It was such a scandal! It was like I had murdered babies or something, and in hindsight, I'd say wasn't it an innocent world where a Batman movie, which was from comic books could be. The nipples! That was the greatest! That was the absolute greatest. That two rubber things, the size of pencil erasers would be a big f—ing deal."

Of course, the DC Extended Universe has gone way, way past the age of Batman and Robin, and it's definitely hard to imagine the burgeoning superhero franchise doing something similar as Schumacher's work.

The next DCEU installment is Justice League which is set to release on November 17, 2017.

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