Joker and Harley Get Suicide Squad Nendoroid Figures

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Are you a fan of both Nendoroids and Suicide Squad? Well, now you can have the best of both worlds, thanks to two new toy additions, in the form of crazed lovers Joker and Harley Quinn.

The Good Smile Company has announced these two new Suicide Edition versions joining the roster, complete with screenshots of the toys.


As you can see, Joker looks very much the part of the "Damaged" label on his forehead. My favorite would have to be the face he's making in the image above. Since Nendoroids are toys that take on the chibi form, he looks more like the then-adorable Kevin in Home Alone than a deranged maniac.

Harley's version takes the cake as the sweet-looking, colorful Mad Love girl. Claps for the blown bubblegum effect.

Preorders are already open for both Nendoroid figures, though the release date is still pegged for February 2017. Preorders will include an exclusive background sheet. Designs vary for both figures, depending on whether you preorder from Amazon Japan or Good Smile Company.

For those who are not familiar with Nendoroid toys, they can actually be posed in various ways. Harley's baseball bat prop will let you recreate her poses from the movie—check out that fierce "I'ma shoot you" face. For Joker, he also has a razor and electroshock tools. Just please don't recreate poor Harley's torture scene.

Recently, Suicide Squad has just reached quite the milestone, as the movie finally breaks through its $300 million mark. This is despite the divided feelings of fansand critics as to whether or not the movie was good or bad. Nevertheless, the Nendoroid figures stand on their own, and they're something Nendoroid fans may want to pick up.

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