JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Live-Action Will Be Released by Warner Bros.

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Warner Bros. may be distributing Death Note Light Up The New World next month. But it seems that this isn't the end of the company's plans as far as live-action anime/manga adaptations go.

Variety has confirmed that Warner Bros. has teamed up with Toho to co-produce JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with Takasha Miike at the helm as filmmaker. According to the report, the focus of the adaptation is on Part 4 of the manga series, dubbed Diamond is Unbreakable.

So far, there aren't a lot of details for the adaptation, except that it will star Kento Yamazaki, who will play the role of protagonist Josuke Higashikata.


Additionally, Anime News Network reported that the adaptation may be filmed entirely in Spain. Yamazaki revealed this in a press conference. While fans of the manga and anime may have pinpointed the setting to be Sendai City, it appears that Miike has gone beyond Japan to see which filming location may best fit Morioh, the city in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He felt that the town of Sitges in Spain best fits the bill.

There's also a report that the adaptation will be released sometime in summer next year, though how it will be distributed and when it will reach the west is still unconfirmed.

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