John Williams Confirms Return For Star Wars Episode IX

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John Williams has been scoring every major Star Wars entry from the first movie to The Last Jedi, and he confirms that he'll be back for Episode IX.

While talking to Variety, Williams has confirmed that he told J.J. Abrams that he would like to return to finish his work on the sequel trilogy. He says:

"I would very much like to complete that."


Besides work on the sequel trilogy, Williams has also confirmed that he'll be writing a theme for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story. Though he won't be aboard as the composer, the theme that he writes will be incorporated into the score of John Powell.

Though I admittedly thought that the only theme I liked from Force Awakens was March of the Resistance, I've recently discovered that there is actually a very clever way in which Williams wrote Rey's theme. To further add to the mystery of Rey going to either the light or the dark side, here theme blends will with the Imperial March and the main Force theme.

Check these out:

I wonder how long Williams put that whole thing together. With fans scouring for Easter Eggs and references with every scene and frame, it's cool to know that even the music has its own secrets.

With The Last Jedi nearing the end of its theatrical run, we should expect Episode IX to hit theaters December of 2019.

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