John Krasinski Thankful He Didn’t Win the Captain America Role

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Though Chris Evans has been the face of the MCU's Captain America since 2011, we almost could have gotten John Krasinski playing the Star-Spangled Man with a Plan. Apparently, with so much buzz surrounding his movie, A Quiet Place, Krasinski is thankful that he lost the role to Evans so many years ago.

Talking to Yahoo! Movies, Krasinski said:


"That's really interesting. I think A Quiet Place definitely wouldn't exist. There are benefits, and Chris Evans seems to be having a wonderful time. I love Chris, I've been a friend of his for a while. Those movies are so much fun and I love watching them, I tell him I'm first in line to see his new movies. It's that zen thing of let life take you where it may and I never would have been here if I had gotten Captain America. I never thought about that, you just broke my brain."

Though Krasinski was already known for his work as Jim from The Office, landing the Captain America role would have certainly propelled him to A-List celebrity status. The same thing basically happened to his fellow NBC alum, Chris Pratt, who was known for playing Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation before he got cast as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy.

For now, Krasinski has said that he would be interested in joining the MCU as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four. We don't know when exactly the Four will be coming to the MCU, but with movies planned after Avengers 4, the revival of Marvel's First Family should be somewhere on the list of Kevin Feige.

Check out Krasinski's A Quiet Place now in theaters.

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