John Krasinski Responds To Fanart Of Him As Mr. Fantastic

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The Office's John Krasinski was actually one of the frontrunners to play Captain America for the MCU, but he lost the role to Chris Evans. Now with the news of Fantastic Four and X-Men coming to Marvel Studios, some fans want Krasinski to play the smartest man in the MCU, Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic.

The fanart comes from a Hank Campbell, who thinks Krasinski would be perfect for the role after watching him on 13 Hours:

Krasinksi, like the jokester he is, actually replied with this:

With the MCU focused on the more light-hearted side of superhero films, I think having Krasinski would be a great addition to the roster. Despite being quite the looker, we know that he can do both serious as well as comedic roles. How fun would it be to watch Krasinski's Richards interact with Evans' Captain America?

For now, it seems that Marvel Studios is still gestating on how they're going to introduce the Fantastic Four and the X-Men to the MCU. With all the established universes and whatnot, it could be pretty tricky to introduce a slew of new characters naturally into phase 4.

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