27 Mar 2017 11:22 AM +00:00 UTC

John Knoll Says He Has Another Idea For A Star Wars Standalone Film

Photo by Jenny Elwick

Rogue One executive producer, ILM chief, and VFX pioneer who's being the original concept for Rogue One, John Knoll, recently had a chat with Screenrant, and he revealed that he's been working on an idea for another standalone Star Wars film, and he's thinking of pitching the idea to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

"I do have one more idea that I may or may not pitch," Knoll told Screenrant. "I've got it about 3/4 figured out and if I can solve that last portion of it, I'll see if Kathy's interested. She may throw me out of her office."


Knoll famously pitched Kennedy his idea that would eventually become Rogue One, and the Lucasfilm president loved the idea so much she greenlit the film and it the first of the Star Wars Story films. Knoll was given story credit as he served as executive producer on Rogue One.

Rogue One is available for digital download right now, and the Blu-ray and DVD version will be available on April 4.

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