John Boyega Talks About How People Thought He Wouldn’t Make It Outside Star Wars

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Star Wars celebrity John Boyega has been pretty busy ever since he broke out into Hollywood in the sequel trilogy's first installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The English star who rose to prominence in the UK after playing the part of Moses in the 2011 Attack the Block gained worldwide fame after joining the Star Wars franchise. Not only is Boyega appearing in 2017 historical drama movie Detroit and 2018 Pacific Rim: Uprising, the English actor is also set to return to stage as Woyzeck's lead stage actor.

However, despite all of this attention, fans initially believed that Boyega and his Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley wouldn't get as many offers outside Lucasfilm's galaxy far, far away. Though the Star Wars franchise is one of Hollywood's biggest and most believed science fiction franchises, not all actors make it big outside of Lucasfilm. Take a look at Hayden Christensen who fell into obscurity after his work in the Star Wars prequels was largely criticized.

Boyega however is confident that he'll continue to grow as an actor inside and outside the Star Wars franchise.


"When we were doing the publicity for Episode VII, in 2015, the question for me and Daisy [Ridley] all over the world was 'What's next?'" the English actor told The Hollywood Reporter. "The suggestion was that we were never going to get cast in anything else. I remember going to a professional get-together and people saying ‘Star Wars is great, but don't you worry about being stuck?' My response was OK, cool. Number one, that's not going to happen. Number two, it's a great chance for me to go and do some theater. I'd rather not forget my craft."

The Star Wars stuff can get a tad bit intense. It's good to have a detachment from that," Boyega added, speaking about his decision to star on stage in Woyzeck, a Cold War rewrite of the working-class tragedy of a dehumanized soldier by Georg Buchner.

It's good to see Boyega's confidence in himself as an actor. Given the fact that Boyega has been offered a number of roles outside of Star Wars, we're pretty sure that we'll be seeing the English star in and out of Hollywood even after his role as Finn ends.

Boyega is set to return in Star Wars: The Last Jedi along with Ridley and the rest of the cast when the film premieres on Dec. 15 this year.

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