Jessica Jones Star Eka Darville Praises Krysten Ritter's Season 3 Episode

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The third season of Jessica Jones finally saw Krysten Ritter directing an episode and there is little doubt that her castmates are truly proud of her. For instance, Eka Darville has nothing but praise for Ritter's work on the episode A.K.A You're Welcome.

Darville recently spoke to Collider about Jessica Jones Season 3 where he discussed Malcolm Ducasse's story arc and working on the show's final season. Not surprisingly, Darville enjoyed the second episode, which happened to be directed by Ritter.

"She was so great," he said. "She intimately knows so many different aspects of the filmmaking process. She was heavily involved in a lot of the rewrites, in the later versions of the script, so it made a lot of sense to see her in that role. She stepped into it super easily and seamlessly, and she absolutely crushed it."


There's a good reason why Ritter did so well, in Darville's opinion. It had a lot to do with the fact that she knows firsthand how actors feel and worked with it.

"As an actor, working with another actor is so much easier. They know what it takes, in order to get to a certain place emotionally," Darville said. "She knows exactly what to say, in order to get me there, and she can articulate exactly what it is that she's looking for, in a way that's uncomplicated and clear. I was like, 'Oh, I know exactly what that means, and I know how to give that to you.' It was super refreshing."

In addition to her skill at being a director, Darville revealed Ritter's infectious energy helped in making the filming process a lot easier.

"She was just a giant ball of joy because she was so stoked to be doing it that she brought so much life to set," he said. "She was there first thing in the morning, just frothing all day, so stoked and very, very, very sweet. Undoubtedly, I see her going into that, a lot more."

That certainly confirms that Ritter is very different from Jessica. Nevertheless, we're hoping that Ritter continues directing in the future.

Jessica Jones Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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