Jessica Jones Showrunner Says Jessica Will Still Be Messed Up in Season 2

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The second season of Marvel's Jessica Jones would not debut until 2018 at the earliest, but showrunner already hinted at what's next for the heroine, and explained how she's using what she learned from Dexter in developing the character. During a recent interview with Esquire, she said:

"She was kind of messed up even before Kilgrave came along, and so in season two we can explore what's possible for her moving forward."

Jessica may have defeated Kilgrave at the end of the first season, but don't expect her to recover from her traumatic events anytime soon. Rosenberg explains how Dexter influenced how Jessica is moving forward:

"I learned from working on Dexter that you can advance the character, but you never want to cure the character. With Dexter, the moment he felt guilt or accepted that he was 'bad,' the show's over. He's no longer a sociopath. The equivalent for us would be if Jessica somehow recovered from the damage that had been done to her. People don't just heal, you don't go through that just to say, 'Oh, he got arrested, he's in jail, I'm OK now. ' That trauma is a huge part of who she is now."

Take away Jessica's flaws and pain, and she would be a dull character, but what conflicts will she face in the new season? Rosenberg hasn't revealed any plot details about Season 2, but the report went on to say that she and her writing team are halfway throughthe writing process for it. She's been collaborating with the writers of The Defenders to make sure Jessica is on the right track as the new season will premiere after The Defenders debuts on Netflix next year.

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