23 Nov 2017 8:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Jessica Jones’ Kyrsten Ritter Used To Have An Incognito Tinder Profile

Even celebrities like Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter like to see what it's like to try dating online.

Sitting down for an interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show, Ritter and her host got to talking about the topic of Tinder and online dating. The actress then revealed that she had once created an incognito profile on the dating application so that she could learn more about Tinder.

"A couple years ago...When did Tinder start? I don't know," the Jessica Jones star explained. "I had a friend over, and we set up a profile for me as a joke, to kind of see how the algorithm worked."

Of course, the profile didn't work as well as expected. It was hard for Ritter because she couldn't put in any details about her real self that would help find people who'd date her in real life.


"And so we set up a profile for me, but we couldn't use any of the things that would probably be what got me a date in real life," Ritter revealed. "Like Breaking Bad, that might get me a date. Or like, a picture [of me]. So we used one where you couldn't tell it was me. It was really humbling and a real ego blast, because I was like 'No one's going to like me!' Because it would basically not be me, and not use all of the stuff. It was like high school all over again."

Guess it isn't all that easy being a recognizable actress in real life. Sure, there's the starlight, there's the fame, but protecting your privacy and making sure that others approach you with honest intentions can be tricky.

Jessica Jones' second season hits Netflix sometime in 2018.

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