James Gunn Doesn't Give A Damn About The Marvel vs DC Feud

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Image: Variety

We already know that Guardians of the Galaxy director/writer James Gunn has been a reader of Marvel and DC comic books since he was young. Just because he's working on a Marvel film, it doesn't mean that he wishes DCEU films to fail. In fact, he wants to them to succeed at the box office for "selfish purposes".

During the Toronto Film Festival, Variety interviewed director James McLean about their new film The Belko Experiment (written by Gunn). Gunn shared some intersting thoughts about the film, including the revelation for the film came from a dream in which he saw the whole trailer in his mind. Then the discussion changed focus to the ongoing creative battle between Marvel and DC in the film industry.

"I just don't find any room in my headspace for thinking my movies are superior or inferior to someone else's," he said. "I really just think about how can I make, for instance right now, how can I make ‘Guardians Vol. 2' the greatest spectacle film of all time? That's all I care about so that's what I concentrate on. I don't really think about Marvel versus DC. And also any time a Marvel movie comes out that isn't as good as I wished it was or anytime a DC movie comes out that isn't as I wished it was, I'm disappointed because I love these characters. I grew up reading Marvel and DC comics. I want them all to be good. I also want them all to be good just for selfish purposes because when superhero movies are good, people go see other superhero movies. It's not like only Marvel or only DC can make money. If they both make great movies, they both help each other make money."

It's good to know that Gunn isn't biased against DC. He's right: If both studios make great films, the market for comic book films becomes more prosperous. It looks like Gunn figured out how to make Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 the greatest spectacle of all time since star Chris Pratt recently praised the sequel for doing something exciting and different. Kurt Russell, who plays Star-Lord's father, also praised the film's complex story.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will hit theaters on May 5, 2017.