01 Mar 2017 12:30 PM +00:00 UTC

James Cameron’s Avatar Gets Video Game From Massive Entertainment

It looks like James Cameron's Avatar series is really coming along. Yesterday, word broke out that Avatar 2 finally received an estimated production start date and now new reports indicate that the growing science fiction epic series is also getting a new videogame as well.

Ubisoft has just released a new vide announcing that one of its award-winning game studios, Massive Entertainment, is working with Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment production to bring a new videogame based on Avatar.

Running for a little over a couple of minutes, the announcement video gives viewers an idea of what the game would feature and adds a few interviews with the people working on the project's development.


"What impressed me about Massive were the group's passion for this project, and the power of its Snowdrop engine. With the power of [Snowdrop], and the team's passion and obsessive focus on detail, we know they're the right group to bring the beauty and danger of Pandora to life."

Check the full announcement video down here:

According to the video, gamers will be allowed to roam around the Avatar world of Pandora in all sorts of ways – an open world game of sorts. For those who're fond of free roaming in videogames and for those who had always wanted to join Jake Sully (Sam Worthinton), this new Avatar game is good news. We'll update everyone as soon as we hear more news.

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