Jake Gyllenhaal Denies Rumors That He’s The DCEU’s Next Batman

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There's been a lot of rumors going around saying that Jake Gyllenhaal would succeed Ben Affleck as the DC Extended Universe's Dark Knight and suit up as the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeve's The Batman.

Despite the persistence of the rumor mill, the Oscar-nominated actor insists that he isn't going to become Warner Brother's next Batman.

Gyllenhaal just recently attended Cartier's "bold and fearless" party along with Idris Elba and Jason Momoa. There he was asked b CNA Lifestyle whether he was going to be the new face of the DCEU's Batman.


"Wow, that's a very difficult question," he told the news outlet. "The answer to that question is ‘no.'

There's been a lot of speculation surrounding Affleck's involvement in the DCEU. Though Affleck's Batman has been named by many as one of the best versions of DC's brooding Dark Knight, many anticipate Affleck's exit from Warner Bros. burgeoning franchise. Though Affleck seemed to enjoy his time working on Justice League, the DCEU hasn't exactly been able to find its footing, and his disappointment in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was rather palpable.

Still, despite all the speculation, Affleck's future as DC's Dark Knight remains unclear. It's also possible that Affleck could stay. No one really knows just yet.

The Batman doesn't have a release date yet, but we'll let everyone know as soon as we get word.

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