IT Movie Had The Biggest Opening Ever For A Horror Film

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The latest film adaptation of Stephen King's IT turned out to be a success, not just for the critics but also at the box office. Over the weekend, IT grossed $121 million (via Boxofficemojo), making the Andres Muschietti-directed film the biggest opening ever for a horror film. That's about $6 million more than the projected $117.2 the film expected to make.

IT also earned an additional $62 million from 10,665 screens in 46 markets internationally, bringing the current total to $181.5 million. The film only had a $35 million budget, so it's definitely getting a lot of profit. This also assures that a sequel will happen, although it's already been confirmed that it's already in development.

IT also broke other movie records, including the largest IMAX opening weekend for a September horror film, largest opening ever for New Line cinema, largest 3-day opening weekend for an R-rated film, and the 3rd-largest opening in 2017.


IT is definitely one of the best horror movies I've seen, and it's no surprise that the film got an 86% score in Rotten Tomatoes (I think it deserves more). You can check out our review here.

IT is now in theaters.

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