IT Director Says Stephen King Approves All Of The Film’s Plot Changes

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Though fans love the idea of film adaptations staying true to their source material, most of the time movies have to make a few adjustments to present a cohesive story that runs with the screen time, tweaking parts of the plot here and there.

This year's It is one of those films. However, despite the concern regarding the alterations, director Andy Muschetti assures fans that the changes made to adapt Stephen King's story into film was personally approved by the author himself.


Speaking in an interview with Deadline, the filmmaker assured fans that It's changes had received the blessing of King, saying that he had sent the writer his own "handwritten apology letter" for all the changes he made to the source material in the upcoming movie, It.

"I sent him a handwritten letter, asking for forgiveness, for all the creative license I had taken. He saw the movie and his reaction was immediate. He wrote me an email expressing how much he had liked it and that I shouldn't worry because all the changes were approved."

Fans don't take it too well when film adaptations stray too far from the source material, but King's stamp of approval is a sure sign that It's going to be a pretty good watch that captures the essence of the writer's book.

It makes its big debut this Friday, September 8, 2017.


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