Is Shindo Life Based on Naruto?

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Many players have asked, "is Shindo Life based on Naruto?" The answer is both yes and no. Shindo Life shares many of the same elements as Naruto. In fact, the original Roblox game was called Shinobi Life 2, but the game was taken down from copyright claims by the license holders of Naruto. This led to a game rework and retitling to Shindo Life.

The game studio that developed Shinobi Life 2 is called NarutoRPG. So is Shinobi Life 2 inspired by Naruto? The answer is obvious. That being said, Shinobi Life 2 doesn't exist anymore.

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Shindo Life is not officially endorsed or created by the creators of Naruto, so the game is not "legally" based on Naruto. It does however feature many of the same elements in Japanese mythology and culture as Naruto, such as shinobi-inspired themes, and of course, delicious ramen!

What Happened to Shinobi Life 2?

Before there was Shindo Life, there was Shinobi Life 2. It was one of the most popular games on Roblox with 150,000 concurrent users until it was taken down and removed from all online stores. Leaving many players to ask, what happened to Shinobi Life 2?

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The reason it was taken down was because of a copyright issue with the game's creators, NarutoRPG, which did not own the rights to the Naruto name. You can watch a video of RELLGames explaining why the game was taken down here:

Youtuber Kelvingts, who has over 800,000 subscribers from his Roblox based channel, went into detail on what elements he believes Shinobi Life 2 is based on Naruto below:

  • The concept of the characters
  • The way the characters look in-game
  • The name of the skills
  • The genkai's
  • The locations

Even in the current version of the game, tailed beasts are an important element. You can see how to get them in the updated Shindo Life Spawn Times list.

You can watch Kelvingts elaborate here:

According to RELLGames, "In order to even get the game back, we had to do a title change". Not only was there a title change, but other aspects of the game had to be changed as well, such as character customization options.

So is Shindo Life based on Naruto? From a player's perspective, it feels inspired, but from a legal perspective, Shindo Life isn't a Naruto game.

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