Is Dark Universe Adding This Actor as Wolfman?

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It seems that creating a universe for a particular movie franchise is all the rage—ever since Marvel proved that having a carefully planned interweaving of worlds and characters can result in a number of blockbuster hits.

It's not surprise that Universal is trying to tap into this movement, and for its foray in movie universes, it has started off with a monsterverse, set to bring reboots and remakes of some of the memorable monsters in our history.


This started with The Mummy, where trailers and teasers not only showed us Tom Cruise's penchant for all things adrenaline and physical activity, but also showed us Sofie Boutella as the creepy powerfully Princess Amahnet.

Now, two other movies have been in talks, namely Invisible Man and Bride of Frankenstein. In a new piece from The Hollywood Reporter that talked about the buildup of the universe, it seems there's one more character who will join the monsterverse: the Wolfman.

Not only that, there's also one character rumored for the role, and that is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The actor is supposedly joining the monsterverse cast for a reboot of Wolfman as the titular character.

Johnson is not new to the monster universe, considering his run as he Scorpion King in the Mummy trilogy that starred Brendan Fraser. Where exactly talks for this particular movie will end up in, we have yet to learn. But I'm crossing my fingers that this monsterverse will follow in Marvel's footsteps, specifically the part about the intensive planning and creative execution.

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