Is Chainsaw Man Manga Finished, Completed or Ongoing? Latest Status

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Is Chainsaw Man Manga Finished, Completed or Ongoing? Latest Status
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha

First published in 2018, Chainsaw Man has developed something of a cult following in Japan and abroad thanks to its gore-filled action and quirky characters. With a hugely-anticipated anime on the way, we’re already seeing many new fans turn to the Chainsaw Man manga. If that’s you, we’re here to answer if Chainsaw Man’s manga is finished or ongoing so you know what to expect.

Is Chainsaw Man’s Manga Completed or Ongoing?

Is Chainsaw Man Manga Finished, Completed or Ongoing?
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The Chainsaw Man manga is ongoing, albeit the series is currently on a long break. Part 1 concluded after 97 chapters in December 2020, with Part 2 set to arrive in Summer 2022.


It depends on who you ask whether Chainsaw Man is completed or ongoing. For some fans, Chainsaw Man was completed at the end of Part 1, and the second part is similar to a movie sequel.

The first part is certainly enough of a completed story and, while unconfirmed, will likely be the focus of the upcoming anime.

However, the second part was planned from the very end of the first, and Tatsuki Fujimoto revealed in an interview with BFMTV (in French) in March that he had the story planned in advance.

Taking that into account, we can somewhat conclude that Chainsaw Man, as far as the author is concerned, is very much still ongoing.

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Is Chainsaw Man’s Manga Over?

Is Chainsaw Man Manga Finished, Completed or Ongoing Over
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No, Chainsaw Man is very much not over yet. Despite no new chapters since 2020, there is still more to come from the story.


In the aforementioned interview with BFMTV, Fujimoto mentions the stress of producing a weekly series such as Chainsaw Man, and how that makes him want to work on one-shots.

Since Chainsaw Man Part 1 concluded, Fujimoto has produced two successful one-shots: Look Back, reportedly inspired by the Kyoto Animation arson attack in 2019; and the more recent Goodbye, Eri.

There has been some new Chainsaw Man content over the last few years. A full-colour version of the manga was released in Japan, while Fujimoto also provided art for a light novel spin-off – Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories.

While we don’t know for sure, perhaps Fujimoto always had the next part of the manga in his mind. However, as a successful mangaka exploring his craft, he felt it important to step away and rediscover his inspiration through different stories.

Now, refreshed after successful one-shots, Fujimoto is ready to put his ideas onto paper. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

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