19 Mar 2018 2:54 PM +00:00 UTC

Iron Man and Spider-Man’s Mentor Mentee Relationship Evolves in Avengers: Infinity War

It looks like Marvel fans are going to see the mentor-mentee relationship between Tom Holland's Peter Parker and Robert Downey Junior's Tony Stark evolve in Avengers: Infinity War.

Screen Rant recently got to visit the set of Infinity War and interview the film's cast and crew. Speaking with Joe and Anthony Russo, the publication got to ask the Marvel directors about Peter and Tony's roles in the first installment in their two-part Avengers movie event.

"Tony is still in his, you know, he sort of sided with the Accords. He's playing out the consequences of that choice and still leading the Avengers who are not on the opposite side of the Accords. And the opposite side of the law at this point. And he still has this connection with Spider-Man that he's established-" Anthony begins.


"In Homecoming" Joe adds.

"And that evolves" Anthony goes on to say. "And they basically have a unique mentor-mentee relationship that continues to evolve as they move into this film."

Marvel fans enjoyed seeing the relationship between the two in Homecoming and now it looks like everyone's going to get a bit more Spider-Man and Iron Man banter in Infinity War. The only question now is how much things are going to change once the film ends.

Avengers: Infinity War premieres April 27, 2018.

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