International TV Spot For Avengers: Infinity War Takes Fans On Nostalgia Trip

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Avengers: Infinity War is just a month and a half away from its big premiere and it looks like Marvel's busy getting fans excited by taking everyone back to memory lane.

Posting a new Japanese TV spot for the first installment in Joe and Anthony Russo's two-part Avengers movie, Marvel Studios offered old footage from the older superhero films that have carried the Marvel Cinematic Universe to where it is, reminding fans of the journey the Avengers have taken.


Check it out down here:

While it's interesting that Marvel's decided to flood fans in nostalgia before Infinity War, mixing footage taken from Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk, it's hard not to notice how the new TV spot leaves out footage from the Black Panther.

While it's likely that Marvel left out Black Panther because it was too recent, it's also likely that the promo was created before footage from T'Challa's (Chadwick Boseman) standalone movie was made available to the preview video editors.

Black Panther's absence from the video doesn't make the King of Wakanda any less important in the Avengers' fight against Thanos – after all, the planet's going to need all the help it can get, and T'Challa's got an army and an arsenal of weapons to help in the front against the Mad Titan.

Avengers: Infinity War hits cinemas April 27.

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