Injustice 2 Will Have Friendly & Fair Microtransactions

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Microtransactions are becoming a hot commodity among game developers, as it is an easy way for revenue to come pouring in. However, the flip-side of this is the possibility of a pay-to-win scenario, which puts other gamers at a big disadvantage.

Injustice 2 is not spared from the presence of microtransactions. But before you light up a (fire)storm, developer NetherRealm Studios has confirmed that it won't put other players at an advantage just because they're willing to pay the price.


DualShockers spotted an official announcement via the forums, which revealed that the in-game currency would be Source Crystals.

"Source Crystals are a new type of currency available in Injustice 2 that are used to purchase cosmetic features for characters. Source Crystals can be purchased using real money but aren't required to progress or advance in the game and can't be used to purchase Gear or an advantage in gameplay. We value our community and want to be clear—you cannot ‘pay to win' with Injustice 2."

If that's not clear, the developer reiterated that the premium character skins won't have any advantages in terms of gameplay—they're basically just there to give your character a different shade and look. Just think of it as a way to weed out players who are willing to shell a few bucks just to have a different look from the rest.

Source Crystals can also Transform Gear. Again, this doesn't have anything to do with power-ups; it just lets you transform the look of your gear to match your fighter's overall outfit.

One interesting point, however, is that Source Crystals can be used to save time in the game. meaning, for those who are able to level-up their characters to level 20, they can use the Source Crystals to level up other characters to the same level. I guess the bottom line here is that these are both cosmetic and grind-free advantages, and nothing more. Unless perhaps you see the skipping grinding as an advantage.

Injustice 2 will debut on the PS4 and Xbox One on May 16.

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