Injustice 2 PC Port Spotted In Amazon Listing

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Injustice 2 has proven to be one of 2017's best fighting games, thanks to a ton of replayability via Multiverse mode and the gear that can be equipped by characters. The game also has more DLC to look forward to, with Black Manta coming out soon while Hellboy and Raiden wait for their release dates. Right now, only those with a PS4 and Xbox One can enjoy the game, but it looks like a PC version is finally in the works.

Amazon France has listed a PC version of Injustice 2, titled the Deluxe Edition. With a title like that, it's easy to assume that this port of the game will have all of the DLC and necessary fixes from the various updates. This has been commonplace for console games that get ported to PC and vice versa, but it's nice to see no gamer get left behind.

While the game coming to PC is cause for celebration, it would be wise to wait for a review first and see if the fighter performs well. Some games have had trouble getting ported to PC, with poor performance and a lack of polish hindering these versions. One only has to look at the awful PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight to know some conversions don't work.

Despite the listing, no release date or window was shown for the Injustice 2 PC port. There's a good chance that it will come out sometime next year, most likely when all of the DLC has come out, but that's pure speculation. Currently, the game is available on PS4 and Xbox One, along with a free-to-play mobile spinoff.

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