03 Jul 2017 11:56 AM +00:00 UTC

Injustice 2 Gets Stability Fixes & New Gear

NetherRealm Studios has just rolled out a new update for Injustice 2, and it has brought a number of character balances to fix the game.

The patch notes are pretty extensive, but this is mostly because the fix also addresses some stability issues and general gameplay fixes. The gameplay fixes target both those in offline and online events.

Some mechanics that were affected include the following:

Reduced XP bonuses when playing against opponents with much lower levels
Addition of access to Quick Open Next option after opening a Mother Box
More quick scroll buttons in the character list in the Customize Characters menu
Correction of projectile attacks to better interact with projectile affecting special moves including specific moves of Batman, Black Adam, Captain Cold, Cyborg, Deadshot, Green Lantern, and Red Hood

A couple of stages, like Atlantis, Arkham Asylum, and the Batcave received stage-specific fixes. And there are also character-specific fixes, but the most glaring of which is Red Hood, who is also a much-requested character as far as fixes are concerned.

Red Hood Gets fixes for his Hammer Fury, Low Spin Parry move, Quick Shot Character Power, Shrapnel Blast Gear, Akimbo Blaze MeterBurn Gear, and Ground Mine. Cyborg and Darkseid also experienced some significant bug fixes for better performance.

If you haven't gotten Injustice 2 yet, then you may want to check out Amazon and GameStop's offers for the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game. Currently, it's been marked down to just $39.99 with shipping fees, a pretty neat 33% deal, if you want to jump in and explore the sequel to NetherRealm Studios' much-acclaimed Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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