Injustice 2: Fighter Pack 3 Reveal Coming This Week

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Now that fans know when Hellboy will be coming to Injustice 2, NetherRealm Studios has announced that the full list of characters for Fighter Pack 3 will be revealed this week. The developers will reveal the characters during the Injustice 2 World Championship Finals this Friday at 10 pm ET. However, some fans in Reddit might have already cracked the code and unveiled the final DLC character.

Fans already know that The Atom will be one of the fighters for the third DLC pack. Aside from having the most obvious silhouette in the character select screen, the developers went out of their way to release a short gameplay video dedicated to the character. Granted, it wasn't as in-depth as most character videos since it seems like they want to hold off till the announcement.


As for the Reddit fans that data mined the most recent update, they've discovered two interesting files that could be data for the upcoming DLC characters: Celebrimbor and Alma. Celebrimbor is the elf that possesses Talion in Shadow of Mordor and its sequel Shadow of War. Alma is the creepy little girl in the FEAR series, though we haven't heard much from that game franchise in a while.

Some fans are speculating that the names found in the data mine are just aliases used to fool those that might look into it, while also giving out some clue. While it would make sense to see Talion or Celebrimbor in the game since Warner Bros publishes the Shadow and Injustice games, some fans are thinking it will be Deadman, because the character has the ability to possess other bodies. Alma might also be a codename for The Enchantress from Suicide Squad, who has been rumored for the game since day one.

Injustice 2 is available now. We will finally see who the other fighters are later this week.

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