Inhumans Star Cast as Captain Pike in Star Trek Discovery

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Being a prequel Star Trek: Discovery has given us a handful of references to the original show, with some characters from TOS even making guest-appearances. News has it that they found someone to play the Captain of the Enterprise, Christopher Pike, and he's going to be played by the lead of Marvel's Inhumans.

Actor Anson Mount confirmed it himself on Twitter:


Pike had already been mentioned in the series before as one of the more exceptional captains on Starfleet, and I didn't expect that he would be making an appearance on Discovery so soon. Fans of the show will know the importance of Pike, seeing that he was the Captain of the Enterprise before Kirk; they even gave Pike an integral role in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek timeline.

With Inhumans requiring Mount to keep completely silent throughout the entire season, it should be more refreshing for him as an actor to be able to actually talk with his lines. Not to mention the popularity boost of playing a character so important in the franchise.

We don't know how important Pike will be in Discovery, but I have a feeling we'll be getting more of him depending on how Mount will be received by audiences. After all, the story is about Michael Burnham and the Discovery, not the Enterprise.

Star Trek: Discovery 2 comes out next year, and starts filming this month.

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