Inhumans Debut Has Less Views Than Agents of SHIELD Premiere

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After all the negative press that has plagued Inhumans, fans might be surprised to hear that the show was watched by 3.8 million people, according to Deadline. That's a solid number for the network and this isn't even adding the delayed views that could make it more impressive. While it did better than expected, it is somewhat sad that it didn't do as well as the debut of Agents of SHIELD.

SHIELD had 12.12 million people watching its first episode, though recent installments have had the same amount of views as the Inhumans debut if not lower. Inhumans also failed to beat the debut episode of the now-canceled Agent Carter, which had 6.91 million people tuning in.

With six more episodes planned, one has to wonder if the viewers will return or if more are coming. Previous reports have stated that Inhumans might only have one season, even though the producers have two seasons worth of ideas planned. Of course, Disney did save Agents of SHIELDfrom cancellation so they could do the same for Inhumans.

The third episode of Inhumans is slated for an October 6 release on ABC. It will be interesting to see how this installment does since most critics haven't seen it yet.

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