Incredibles 2 On Track For Super $140 Million Weekend Opening

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It's been years since Pixar released the original award-winning animated movie The Incredibles. Now, as the film's sequel draws closer to its release, analysts predict that Incredibles 2 will have a very successful opening weekend.

According to Variety, Incredibles 2 is headed for a pretty great opening weekend with analysts expecting the film to earn at least $140 million in the North American box office alone. Early tracking for the film shows that there was a 96% of total awareness among survey participants and 30% unaided awareness with 61% "definite interest." For 13 % of those surveyed by the site, Incredibles 2 was their top choice for the summer.

Those are pretty strong numbers. Though the results of the survey don't seem to be that surprising considering the original Incredibles reception and success, fans have to remember that it's been more than a decade since the first film was released. Seeing the gap between the two films, finding Incredibles 2 tracking so well can be pretty impressive.


With Craig T. Nelson returning to voice Bob Parr, Holly Hunter returning as Elastigirl, and Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone, the Incredibles 2 picks up right where the original film ended back in 2004.

The Incredibles 2 makes its big premiere on June 15, 2018.

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