Image Comics Announces Saga Compendium One, Collects All 54 Issues in One Paperback

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Saga is currently on hiatus but there is no doubt that the comic book will go down as one of the finest to ever be conceived. Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples have made an instant classic with 54 issues of timeless (and very sexual) storytelling. This isn't a problem with fans who have been collecting the single-issues or the trade-paperbacks but those intimidated by that large number have an amazing solution this October.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news that Saga Compendium One is coming out this October and will collect all 54 issues thus far. That's right, all 54 issues in one enormous paperback for the pretty affordable price of $59.99. That's cheaper than most omnibi and has more content than those so this is practically a steal.

In other news, Vaughan and Staples confirmed that they are at the half-way point of their epic, well, saga. This means that the series will be ending with Saga #108 (and a second compendium), so that's something fans have to deal with. Nothing lasts forever (except Marvel and DC characters) and this will go down as another hit from Image Comics, who can seemingly do no wrong.

Saga Compendium One comes out this October.

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