ILM President Says Lucasfilm Hiring A Female Star Wars Director Is “Going To Happen”

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Lucasfilm might have become better at featuring a diverse set of characters and creatures in the Star Wars saga, but behind the camera, fans have noticed a frustrating lack of women and people of color in key creative positions in production.

However, according to General Manager of Lucasfilm and ILM President Lynwen Brennan, that might change soon enough. Speaking with Wales Online, Brennan says that hiring a female director is something that the studio's looking forward to doing, and the act is inevitable.

"I think it's certainly something we're keen on and there are some fantastic directors out there," Brennan told the news outlet. "It's going to happen!"


Of course, Lucasfilm itself is being led by a female president, but fans are hoping that more women and people of color join the studio as directors, writers, and producers for its galaxy far, far away.

"Kathy's leadership team has always been 50 percent, women, because they happen to be the best at their job," Brennan said. "We haven't had a quota at that leadership stage, however, we are getting a lot more pragmatic and specific about not accepting the level we have regarding women in visual effects and technology."

Of course, it's also important that Lucasfilm selects its crew members because they're the best at their job, not simply because they're women or individuals of color. Picking directors or writers simply because of the color of their skin or their gender simply dilutes the prestige of their position. Lucasfilm ought to pick the best of the best in every department.

Lucasfilm's next movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres May 25, 2018.

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