24 Apr 2018 9:54 AM +00:00 UTC

IDW Launches Big Hero 6 Comic Book in July

Big Hero Six is in an odd place right now, formerly being a Marvel property that Disney has now claimed as its own. The first film was a decent enough superhero movie and the show is still ongoing, so the former Marvel property seems to be doing well. Oddly enough, there is a comic book based on the show and movie coming out but Marvel isn't doing it.

As revealed in IDW's July solicitations (via Newsarama), the publisher will be handling the Big Hero Six comic book series. To be fair, Marvel never really used them that well and they only ever really had one mini-series, plus a few guest appearances. Still, the fact that a property that started out in Marvel is getting a comic from a different publisher is a bit odd.

Here is the solicitation for the first issue:

Big Hero Six #1—Cover A: Gurihiru—GEM OF THE MONTH
Hannah Blumenreich (w) • Nicoletta Baldari (a) • Gurihiru (c)
Based on the brand new Disney XD series! Join Hiro, Wasabi, Fred, Go Go, Honey Lemon and Baymax for new adventures, new friends, and new adversaries as the Big Hero 6 team continues to fight to protect San Fransokyo!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Admittedly, this isn't the first time Disney let another comic book publisher handle one of its properties over Marvel. Dark Horse will be making comics for The Incredibles as the sequel heads forward to its June release and the aforementioned IDW has been putting out Disney comics for multiple years now.

Big Hero Six #1 comes out this July.

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