22 Aug 2016 3:47 PM +00:00 UTC

Ian McKellen Turns Down a $1.5 Million Request For Him to Officiate a Wedding As Gandalf

Ian McKellen was offered $1.5 Million to preside over a wedding as the iconic Lord of The Rings wizard he played, Gandalf, but he turned it down, The Daily Mail reports. "I was offered $1.5 million to marry a very famous couple in California, which I would perhaps have considered doing but I had to go dressed as Gandalf," McKellen recounts. "So I said, ‘I am sorry. Gandalf doesn't do weddings.'"

The Daily Mail reveals that the originator of this offer was Sean Parker, the founder of Napster and the first President of Facebook. He has a net worth of roughly 2 billion, so it would be easy for him to drop such a sum on the extravagant offer. The wedding McKellen would have officiated was his marriage to singer Alexandra Lenas in 2014.

Parker's Lord of the Rings themed wedding was extravagant even withot McKellen's presence. He spent roughly 8 million on it and guests like Sting and Harry Potter's Emma Watson were present. Everyone also got costumes custom-made by actual costume designer for the Lord of the Rings movies, Ngila Dickinson.


Though he doesn't do weddings as Gandalf, McKellen has officiated weddings as himself before. He presided over the wedding of his good friend and fellow X-Men Star Patrick Stewart in 2013.

McKellen says he never knew Parker was behind the offer, as he was approached through an intermediary. All he knew was that "he was a very rich man". He stands firm by his decision. "I don't go dressing up, except in plays and things."

My main reaction to the news is to wish I could afford to turn down 1.5 million or better yet, to drop 8 million on a wedding. What's your reaction?

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