Hunter X Hunter Reportedly Returning From Hiatus In Early 2018

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Hunter X Hunter is the shonen series fans can't get enough of, even if it's constantly on hiatus. The popular manga is known for its quality and the delays that come after a few chapters, which is almost a running gag at this point. After a recent hiatus, it looks like we will be seeing Hunter X Hunter grace Shonen Jump once again, though one has to wonder how long it will take before a hiatus is announced.

While Shonen Jump hasn't made an official announcement, Yonkou Production claims that we will see the series return in the ninth issue of 2018. Yonkou Production has proven to be a good source for manga news in the past, so this could end up being legitimate. Fans can only hope that an official announcement is on the horizon.

Despite being published by Shonen Jump, many fans view the anime as a deconstruction of the popular manga genre. It often takes cliches that are rampant in the genre and adds a dark twist or two to them. With Gon's journey seemingly ending recently, the series has focused on other characters, making it more unpredictable than ever.

If the report ends up being true, we should be seeing Hunter X Hunter return to the manga scene in January. Fans unaware of the show's popularity can stream the excellent 2011 anime on Crunchyroll.

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