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Hunter x Hunter Manga Hiatus Will End

It's a day that some long-time fans have almost given up on. Hunter x Hunter will be back on print, as the manga assumes serialization this June.

Specifically, the end of next month, in case you're worried that it might come as late as next year. mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi will be back with new chapters.

The good news was spotted by Yonkou Productions, which not only announced the return of the manga but also the exact date of the return: June 26. The announcement was made via the newest Weekly Shonen Jump.

This is great news for fans, as they have been hit by hiatus, one after the other. The latest return for Hunter x Hunter had been very brief since its return in April 2016. Some fans have even started to feel a little unsure of the return even with whispers of a brewing comeback. There's good reason for the concern, especially since the manga has been on hiatus more than in Jump since 2006.

Publisher Shueisha has always been very vague but honest about the unsureness of the manga's return. In an earlier statement, it was announced that, once they have determined the direction of the manga, that's when a formal announcement will be released.

That tweet, fellow fans, is basically the sign we've all been asking for. Now my next concern: will this mean the anime adaptation will be continued? Because the 2011 run—complete with its animation and voice actors' cast, will always be among my favorite animes of all time.

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