Hugh Jackman Challenges Ryan Reynolds in Hilarious Who Wore It Best Photo

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The epic feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds continues and this time, the two stars are battling it out over fashion (sort of). The Logan star has just posted a new photo challenging the Deadpool star over (of all things) hats.

Jackman posted the image on his official Instagram account along with a fun caption: "Who wore it better?" Take a look at the picture below.


The photo shows Jackman wearing a hat with the logo of his company Laughing Man Coffee while Reynolds is wearing a similar hat but with the Aviation Gin logo. We can't see their faces here but there's a good chance that the two are laughing about the whole thing.

We can't really decide on this one (I mean, they're both wearing hats) but we'll have to give Jackman the win since he's the one who posted the image in the first place. We'll just have to wait for Reynolds' response to the post and maybe come up with a better decision then.

It's great to see that Jackman and Reynolds still have time to hang out together although they are both rather busy with their own projects. But could this mean that the two would eventually reunite in a new film like, dare we say, Deadpool 3? Although it's unlikely that Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, maybe a little cameo could work. However, this has not yet been confirmed so it's best to manage our expectations.

Reynolds' new film 6 Underground is currently streaming on Netflix.

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