Hugh Jackman Appeases Fans With Wolverine’s Mask

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Despite all the clamor from fans, not once in his career as Wolverine has Hugh Jackman ever worn the iconic black and yellow suit and mask of the adamantium-clawed Weapon X. Though a lot were hoping that he'd put on the costume in his final run as Wolvie in Logan, James Mangold decided to forego the entire bit, keeping the films grounded tone intact.

To appease fans after saying farewell to his rugged claws, Jackman decided to post a photo of himself today holding up the classic Wolverine mask.

Check it out here:

Looking more like a plastic mask from a child's Halloween get-up, Jackman's prop doesn't seem anything like the one fans almost had in a deleted scene from The Wolverine. Still, let's give Jackman a few points for effort. At least he decided to acknowledge fans frustration with the yellow and black suit.

Logan is currently screening in cinemas.

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