How the Writers of Solo: A Star Wars Story React to Fan Criticism

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The Star Wars franchise has been getting plenty of fan criticism in recent years. First, it was with The Force Awakens, where many accused the film of being too similar to A New Hope. Then it was The Last Jedi, which was criticized for being too different and challenging, making plenty of radical changes that no one was expecting. It will be interesting to see what they find to hate about Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Solo co-writer Lawrence Kasdan had the chance to speak with Cinemablend about handling fan criticism and he gave a solid answer. Kasdan states that he understands why fans have reasons to complain but he thinks that these complaints are not worth getting upset over if the movie works as a whole. He also points out that fans should see the film before criticizing right away.

"I understand it, but I don't take it that seriously. I've seen both sides. Every one of these movies, it was never like this back in Empire. In the last years, you see all of this prognosticating, but no one's seen anything. I always think, 'Well, if the movie works, the movie works.' Three minutes in, no one remembers any of that if the movie's working. If the movie's not working, then everyone's sitting there like 'see? I thought this would suck.'"

Fans have been worried about the quality of this week's Star Wars spinoff since it was plagued with a few production issues early on, including the firing of Chris Miller and Phil Lord. Still, the film now has a solid Rotten Tomatoes score so it seems like fans are in for a solid adventure. At the least, it doesn't appear to be the disaster it was made out to be.


Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters this week, on May 25.

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