How Much of Chainsaw Man Will the Anime Cover This Season?

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How Much of Chainsaw Man Will the Anime Cover

Few anime were as highly anticipated as Chainsaw Man. The boundary-pushing action manga has been praised worldwide, but how much of the source material will the Chainsaw Man anime cover this season?

Chainsaw Man’s episode count has been confirmed as a single cour. However, given how much investment MAPPA has made in the series and the popularity of Chainsaw Man’s source material, it would be very surprising if there weren’t also more seasons in future.


Given that, we’re going to focus for now on what fans can expect from this current run in terms of arcs and pacing.

Note that there are minor spoilers from the Chainsaw Man manga in this article.

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What Will the Chainsaw Man Anime Cover?

What Will the Chainsaw Man Anime Cover

The Chainsaw Man anime is expected to be a faithful adaptation of the award-winning manga. Therefore, the story will follow the same direction regarding events and arcs as seen in the source material.

However, it has been noted that Chainsaw Man’s manga has a very erratic pace, which is one of the series’ charms. MAPPA, the studio behind the adaptation, has mentioned that it plans to introduce new scenes to ensure the manga translates into anime effectively.

We've already seen examples of changes from the Chainsaw Man manga in the anime in episode 2, where dialogue between Denji and Makima took place in different locations and the Muscle Devil fight was omitted.

Which Chapters Will be Animated in the Chainsaw Man Anime?

How Much of Chainsaw Man Chapters Will the Anime Cover Katana Arc

Based on rough calculations and what we've seen so far, I’m expecting the first season of Chainsaw Man this Fall to cover the first 39 chapters of the manga, concluding with the Katana Man arc.

How did I get to this figure? See below a chart detailing the speed of manga adaptations in a selection of other highly-anticipated shounen anime, compared to what might be required for Chainsaw Man:

Series Episodes Chapters Average Chapters per Episode
Attack on Titan Season 125341.4
Jujutsu Kaisen Season 124632.6
Spy x Family Part 112171.4
Chainsaw Man1239*3.25*

*Please note that the figures relating to chapters covered and chapters per episode are an estimation and not confirmed.


Remember that Chainsaw Man is often regarded as a more erratic series than its contemporaries, such as Jujutsu Kaisen. When it comes to the anime, some of that off-the-wall nature will likely be smoothed out, which will allow the anime to progress faster.

A good example of this approximate three-chapter pacing is the Bat Devil arc. While that takes 8 chapters in the Chainsaw Man manga, it's very easy to imagine that playing out over two or three episodes of the anime.

This kind of pace has already been seen in episode 2, which covered chapters 2-4 along with most of chapter 5. Therefore, it's fair to assume this pace will continue for the most part.

Progressing at this pace allows the anime to stop at an opportune place. The Katana Man arc is the first truly seismic moment in the series, where characters are both defined and lost.

The next season would then be free to build on this with the Bomb, Assassin and Gun Devil arcs adapted at a similar pace.

The alternative options for Chainsaw Man’s anime are not nearly as appealing. The series could have been a slow adaptation, ending with the Bat Devil, but that would have left many side characters unintroduced and the series feeling incomplete.

On the other hand, adapting the Bomb arc in this cour would have meant adapting around four chapters in each episode, which would be groundbreakingly fast.


Reze has also not featured in any promotions so far, making her inclusion this season unlikely.

The most important thing to remember, though, is that we will see a lot of Chainsaw Man going forward. Right now, the question shouldn’t be what will Chainsaw Man adapt, but when everything will be adapted.

I would be very happy to see the adaptation go as slow as required while keeping the high energy that makes the manga so enjoyable.

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