How Long Will Marvel Films Continue To Go On? - Video Essay

Marvel Studios created an epic cinematic universe that turned out to be an unstoppable force at the box office, and other studios with comic book properties have been trying to emulate Marvel's formula for success. But how long will Marvel be able to expand their cinematic universe? With the amount of profits their movies are raking and the amount of untold Marvel stories waiting to be adapted into film, it's hard to imagine the MCU ceasing in the future, but Screenrant has release a video titled Will The Marvel Universe Go On Forever? that points out the possible obstacles Hollywood might face when it comes to movie universes. The biggest obstacle they pointed out is fan fatigue - What if the MCU's success becomes the cause of its downfall?  Watch the video here: 

Here's the message that came with the video: 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last eight years, you’ve probably noticed a certain trend in superhero movies: the shared universe. While superhero films used to be treated as independent series that would reset after two or three movies, they now build on top of each other to create an almost overwhelming amount of shared continuity. Case in point: the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, which functions as a follow up to Captain America: Winter Soldier, an action-packed reunion of the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast and an introduction to both Black Panther as well as a new iteration of Spider Man!
But how long can this go on? Hollywood’s obsession with fan approval shows that one day a series that seems to be riding strong (Amazing Spider Man, for instance), can bottom out within 9 months of the latest films release. Steven Spielberg has even gone on record saying the superhero film will soon go “the way of the western” and fall out of popularity in mainstream Hollywood.
Is the father of American Blockbuster Cinema on to something? Around 30 characters have already enjoyed multiple appearances across the Marvel films so far, and a library of characters in Marvel Comics continuity that number in the thousands, most of whom can appear and cross over between a number of films and TV series. With a potentially infinite number of combinations, will this cinematic universe collapse under its own weight? Or will the Marvel Cinematic Universe go on FOREVER?

So do you think the MCU will eventually end or will it continue to go on forever? 

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