How Logan's Emotional Ending Was Filmed Differently

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Warning: Spoilers from Logan ahead....

The most emotional scene in Logan came at the end of the movie, when Logan lies dying with Laura beside him after X-24 mortally wounded him. Logan tells Laura not to become what the scientists at Alkali Transigen made her, and then dies as Laura screams "Daddy" as she sobs.

According to cinematographer John Mathieson, that scene was filmed differently than the rest of the movie. James Mangold usually films with one camera at a time, but Mathieson thought that it was important to record both Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen's perforamnces simultaneously.


Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Mathieson explained why they had to film it that way:

"It's very important to get into the eyes of both of them. The tears are going to come. You don't just shoot Hugh and go. That was very nice. Now let's shoot Dafne.' Because they are giving it their all. They will be drained. Jim is a very much a one-camera man, but I didn't even look back at him. I'm sure he got cross at me, but I think he'd agree that whatever is going to happen is going to happen. You better make sure you get it on two cameras. If you have a great performance on one side and they are doing marvelous things and you don't have the other side at the same time — a hand goes here or someone brushes hair out of someone's face — then it's very difficult to re-create that. Then you have the script supervisor coming in, ‘Oh you had this in your left hand and your tear came here.' You just can't do that to people."

Logan is the most successful film in 2017 so far. You can read our review here.

Logan is now showing in theaters.

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