How Bruce Banner Will Come To Terms With Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok

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Bruce Banner's relationship with Hulk has been complicated for the past eight years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In The Incredible Hulk, Mark Ruffalo's Banner was anxiously trying to cure his condition, and come The Avengers, he appears to have accepted his other side while trying his best to contain it. In Avengers: Age of Ultron though, while he's able to control Hulk to use Hulk as a weapon to a certain extent, the events after Scarlet Witch's bout of mental paralysis on the Avengers led him to leave Black Widow and the rest of his friends/allies to keep them from harm.

In Thor: Ragnarok, it looks like Bruce will finally resolve his conflict with Hulk. As Ruffalo explained to Collider in a recent interview, Banner's buddy road movie across the Nine Realms with Thor will help him come to terms with his relationship to Hulk. He said:

No one's really gone in that place. I mean, he's always been running from him or trying to deny it, but they're coming for a collision course with each other, and I think that can be pretty exciting if we can figure out a way to do it multi-dimensionally.

While the concept has been explored in the comics, it's quite new in the MCU.

That said, a report last month teased some Planet Hulk elements involved in the film. In February, director Taika Waititi also revealed a "more verbal" Hulk. This means we could see a merging of Hulk and Bruce Banner's personalities in Thor: Ragnarok, which in turn could feature a more intelligent, and indeed more verbal Hulk in the process.

There currently isn't any prospect standalone Hulk movie in the MCU, but Ruffalo has teased before how the Avengers: Infinity War films will be a "standalone Hulk story." Add to this a Thor: Ragnarok with Planet Hulk elements, and fans will find ample supply of films on where to see the Green Goliath creating chaos for his enemies.

Four of the nefarious characters we'll be meeting in the movie were officially announced last month – Cate Blanchett's Hela, Tom Hiddleston's Loki, Karl Urban's Skurge, and Jeff Goldblum's the Grandmaster.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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