Hot Topic Releases New Studio Ghibli Merch Inspired by Japanese Fashion

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Ghibli movies are among the most popular anime works globally thanks to their lineup of memorable movies. And as a treat for fans, Studio Ghibli partnered with Hot Topic for a new fashion collection.

Named the Harajuku Collective, this new fashion line features a range of apparel with designs inspired by various movies from Studio Ghibli, including Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and more.

This collection will release in Japan while a similar Hot Topic line will launch in the US and Canada on the same day.


Harajuku Collective Studio Ghibli Japan Release

The Harajuku Collective pop-up store will open at AF Gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo on August 10, 2022. At the shop, fans can purchase a selection of apparel that’s designed in the US, along with Japan-exclusive clothing (via PR Times).

Specifically, the Harajuku Collective collab tapped nine Japanese artists and designers to create exclusive apparel for the collection. These exclusive items include a Princess Mononoke denim jacket and a Spirited Away souvenir jacket.

Here’s a look at the items in the collection:

Harajuku Collective Hot Topic Studio Ghibli apparel accessories
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PR Times

In total, the collection features over 50 items, ranging from tees, jackets, dresses, and bags.

All of these will be available in the pop-up shop, as well as through the online shop which will launch near the release date.

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While this collection will release online, the pop-up shop will feature Studio Ghibli-inspired designs, as well as a colorful Totoro standee which shoppers can get their photos taken with.

This gives fans in Japan more reason to visit the physical store.

The pop-up shop will be open from August 10-28, 2022. More info will be revealed through the official website.


Studio Ghibli Hot Topic Collection USA and Canada Release

On August 10, 2022, Hot Topic and Her Universe will debut the Ghibli collection in the US and Canada. The US/Canada lineup will feature some similar items as the ones released in Japan except for the exclusive apparel.

This new Ghibli fashion line will be available in Hot Topic stores,, and (via Business Wire).

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