01 Oct 2017 2:37 PM +00:00 UTC

Horror Short Film 'Rotary' is Terrifying and Confusing

Rotary is a horror short film from filmmakers Patrick Young & Powell Robinson of Big Bad Films. Uploaded by CryptTV, the 2-minute video starts off with a young woman who's interested in buying a rotary phone in a thrift store, but things start to get strangely terrifying instantly. The video doesn't offer an explanation to why the scary presence appeared. My theory is that turning the rotary on the phone transported the user to another dimension where the demon resides. I'm just glad that rotary phones are rarely used these days but if I ever seen one, I'll make damn sure to stay as far from it as fast as possible. Watch the video below: 

What's your theory about this video? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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