Honest Trailer Makes Original Beauty and the Beast Song Lyrics Even Better

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The live-action film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens is coming out this weekend, and it looks like Screen Junkies has decided to celebrate the upcoming premiere with an all-new Honest Trailer for the original 1991 movie.

Jabbing at its Stockholm-syndrome-like tendencies and its lack of a French accent, the Honest Trailer takes fans on a trip down memory lane to show us all the problems with Beauty and the Beast. Check it out down here:

As usual, Screen Junkies makes a lot of strong cases against the film, but it seems like the Honest Trailer lacks the same tenacious humor that it usually has. The altered song lyrics are golden though – how can you not love the line “I do love dogs, but I’m not sure whether a dog man is someone I could pork” or the one about calling the police? Honestly, we’d karaoke to these altered Beauty and the Beast songs all day.  

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